Swami Kuvalyananda founded Kaivalyadhama in the year 1924 at Lonavla. He was of the view that “The principal ideal of Kaivalyadhama is coordination of the spiritual phenomena of Yoga with Modern Science, with a view to evolve a Philosophy that would, perhaps satisfy the majority of mankind”.
Kaivalyadhama is the foremost institute in the world, in the field of Scientific Research in Yoga and has been instrumental in bringing about a renaissance of Yoga, in modern times.
Spread across 170 acres, amidst the verdant Sahyadri range, the trust aims to harness an individual’s intrinsic energy towards self development through various workshops, publications of books and audio video, Kdham connect – a project to reach teachings of Yoga to people around the globe online, the green ashram project – a project of generating harmony with the nature.

NOK Foundation, Inc. (NOK)

NOK Foundation, Inc. (NOK) was created in order to cultivate and promote the study of Eastern religions, philosophies and Yoga.
NOK recognizes that the West has excelled in the objective sciences. Natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology, as well as their derived technological advances, have contributed to the well being of all of humanity. However, in doing so, Western educational institutions have neglected the subjective sciences.
Subjective sciences use ethics, values and the auxiliary techniques of Yoga and Meditation as self-sufficient means to quiet and purify the mind. As a result, greater peace, concentration and clarity are achieved. Long-term success and satisfaction become by-products of the clarity achieved through applying these techniques.
The Eastern educational system places great importance on religion and philosophy in the development of the human being. Contrary to the West, the East continues to retain and is capable of transmitting the inherent value of the subjective sciences and the pursuit of self-inquiry.
NOK believes that to the extent that self-knowledge crystallizes in a human being, it brings about a harmonious integration of one’s personality and a more efficient and productive conflict-free life style.