Dr. N.D.Joshi

National Awardee

Director, KaivalyaVidyaNiketan, Kaivalyadham, Lonavla, Pune-410403

A blend of the ancient Gurukul and modern education institution, Kaivalya Vidya Niketan aims at imparting holistic education synthesizing the ancient cultural richness of our country and the contemporary in all the areas of its functioning. In consonance with the demand of the 21st century and our rich culture and core value system, it aims to provide a wholesome learning environment for children to develop into a confident, effective, responsible and enlightened world citizen.

It endeavours to provide authentic and transformative education to learners to enable them to mingle in the contemporary and emergent society seamlessly. Learning by doing, project work, discussion in small groups, library consultation, opportunities for contemplation and wondering, practical work even in Mathematics, activities requiring hand-on experience and such other modern techniques of teaching and learning involving use of audio-visual aids and ICT are given higher priority in understanding of the subject and developing creativity amongst learners. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation does not cover only scholastic area but also co-scholastic areas like Art, Work Experience, Life skills, Values, Attitudes and participation in various school activities. Effective teaching practice is a blend of appropriate teaching methodologies and classroom management practices. Teachers play the role of facilitators, co-learners and co-researchers to guide the learners to construct their own knowledge and develop skill and attitude along with the capability for critical thinking, problem solving, communicative competence and cross cultural understanding. Individualized instruction is imparted to optimize the social and cognitive capital of each and every learner. Meaningful intervention programme is a regular feature to minimize the learning gaps.

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