Mrs. Varsha Desai


Kaivalya Vidya Niketan, Lonavala,
Pune 410403

True education is that which draws out the best from each individual child and gives scope and freedom for his growth and liberation. It is an integrated process that takes inputs from the outer world and gives responses from within. Good education helps the child to think, to express his thoughts and to accept the views of others. It helps the child grow physically, mentally, spiritually as well as socially. Such an education cannot be imparted only within the four walls of the class room. The world is a learning ground. The teacher is the guide. Students who observe, will ask questions. Giving them a chance to ask their questions, answering them patiently, leading them to search for their own paths of discovery is the role that the teachers need to play today. In this era of Information Boom, Google guru answers all doubts. But it cannot initiate the quest for knowledge, the love for poetry or teach the skills of computing. That needs the regular guru, the teacher.

Facilitating this process of give and take, providing a safe environment and creating the right ambience wherein a child can grow to achieve his full potential under the attentive eyes of his teachers, is the role that the school plays. Kaivalya Vidya Niketan opens its doors to this kind of an educative environment where all enter to learn and leave to serve.

(Mrs. Varsha Desai)