a) STD I and STD II
In each academic year, the school will hold eight cycle tests. There will be one cycle test every month.

In each academic year, the school will hold following tests/exams

First Term (April to September)

i) Periodic Test 1 (April to June)
ii) Periodic Test 2 (July to September)
iii) Term – I (September)

Second Term (October to March)

i) Periodic Test 3 (0ctober to December)
ii) Periodic Test 4 (January to March)
iii) Term – II (March)
iv) Pre Board Test for STD X (February)

c) Assessment is a tool to record the progress of a student. It is compulsory for students of classes I to X to appear in the Periodic tests as well as Term Exams for promotion for next higher class.

c) A student not appearing in the tests will be marked absent and would be discredited for the same.

d) If students are not able to appear in Periodic tests and Term Exams on medical grounds, the application for the same supported with a Medical Certificate issued by a doctor of Govt./Municipal Hospital only and countersigned by the parents must be got sanctioned on time. In such a case, leave would be marked in place of absence and students will not suffer. Such certificate and application must be submitted within a week of the Periodic tests and Term Exams.

e) If a student is absent in Term Exam on medical ground, he/she has to appear in the examination afterwards as and when arranged by the Principal.

f) Class work and Home work, which have due weightage in assessment, need to be regularly watched and taken care of by the parents.

Note: Examination/Periodic test/ Cycle test time table will appear in the “Announcements” section on the home page

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