Kaivalya Vidya Niketan

A school with a difference where individuality of every child is respected

Swami Kuvalayananda, the founder of Kaivalyadhama in the early 1920s, envisioned an educational institution that would be an epitome of a harmonious blend of traditional Indian values and innovative pedagogy integrated with modern technology in teaching and learning. Kaivalya Vidya Niketan, with the active support of NIGOL 0. KOULAHAN. N.O.K. FOUNDATION U.S.A., is the realization of his vision, beliefs and core values.
A blend of the ancient Gurukul and modern education institution, this school aims at imparting holistic education synthesizing the ancient cultural richness of our country and the contemporary in all the areas of its functioning In consonance with the demand of the 21st century and our rich culture and core value system, it aims to provide a wholesome learning environment for children to develop into a confident, effective, responsible and enlightened world citizen.

Thought for the Day

  "Victory is not the property of brilliant. It is the crown for those   who pursue hand work with confidence and have total devotion to   their goal."